South Africa Labour legislation requires that organisation assess their people in terms of job-related competencies only.

We offer a unique, state of the art, one stop HR management tool that identifies basic job competencies by using JP Expert and then assesses job holders against a tailor made, job related battery of competency tests, known as Pib Speex.

These tests cover cognitive, emotional; and social dimensions and mainly visual in order to eliminate bias and ensure fair assessment across cultural, gender and language barriers. This date in the system is standardised on a demographically representative sample of 31,000 respondents in South Africa population.

The system was designed and developed by P.F Erasmus, D.Phil, (Clinc. Psych.) in South Africa over a period of 26 years.

The system is used and approved by the Department of Employment and Labour and forms part of the Labour Market skills Development Programme, funded by the European Union's programme for Reconstruction and Development. It is also currently used in over 300 organisations in 12 different countries.


Pre-Screening for training:

  • Use to select learners with required competencies to attend training e.g. for learnerships

Recruitment and Selection:

  • Applicants can be assessed against the relevant test battery.

Skills Auditing:

  • Identifies current competencies of workforce and assists with career and succession.


  • Culture, language and gender fair
  • No disputes in history of use 
  • Proven reliability and validity of results
  • More focused, cost effective training and development 
  • Fair and effective recruitment tool
  • Positive impact on productivity 
  • Link to existing career pathing and succession 
  • Planning Focus on measurable outputs that contribute to business objectives