Main Job Description

Main Job Description
Select the core competencies of the post as were determined by the Job Profiling Committee for the post
JOB TITLE: Senior Editor: Art & Enterta
NQF LEVEL:Qualifications : 5Job Complexity : 700


JCG = JOB COMPLEXITY GRADE  Equivalent grades on other systems


JIG = JOB INTRICACY GRADE Extent to which environmental conditions add to job complexity


0 - 7  8 - 1415 - 2122 - 2829 - 3536 - 42 43 - 48 49 - 5657 - 63


400 Observance [Mental Alertness] \ Attention Skills
The skill to pay adequate attention; to understand; to be `sharp� or alert
  • 1. Reflecting the ability to "think" in terms of 21st century readers� expectations in journalism
  • 2. The ability to visualize new standards/products/approaches/outcomes in journalism that meet particular audiences` needs and requirements
  • 3. The ability to hypothesize in regard to storylines/writing styles and approaches/new/concepts ideas/ways of thinking and how these are applied in various kinds of media such as books, movies , TV, magazines, composed music, stage presentations etc.
  • 4. Proven ability to improve art outcomes by means of an ongoing suggestion of effective innovations
  • 5.1 INNOVATION: There must be ongoing proof of a constructive application of imagination aiming at capturing readers� interest and attention 5.2 INNOVATION: The incumbent must have a history of proven success in the implementation ooff innovative ideas in report-writing for the media
  1. Designing new styles of reporting that fits the particular art-minded audience for whom the reporting is intended
  2. Showing an appreciation for various forms of art and the ability to report on art in a way that fits 21st century readers� expectations
  3. Writing effective but concise reviews on books; novels; TV and radio stories and serials; newspapers and magazine reports and stories etc.

Presenting new views on the development of various forms of art in a new world

5.1 INNOVATION: The incumbent has to ensure, of his or her own accord, improvements in qwuaaylist yo f presentation resulting in growing audience exposure to his or her presentations

5.2 INNOVATION: Innovative efforts must be applied on a continual basis in order to capture readers` imagination at all times

700 Comparison \ Classification Skills
To classify and to compare skill-fully; to align / to categorize skill-fully
  1. Proven ability to arrive to logical conclusions as an outcome in comparing facts and objects, systems/ideas/views in regard to music, sculpturing, painting, TV, radio, movies, written publications etc.
  2. Proven ability to evaluate underlying structures of art and its aesthetic implications and consequences in furthering certain froms of and trends in art
  1. An open-minded approach to views and ideas form a large variety of sources is of the essence 
  2. EXCELLENCE ORIENTATION: Constructive efforts to ensure the writing and preparation of splendid subject- and audience-related articles and reviews 
  3. CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: Ongoing exposure to feedback from relevant audiences as it becomes available through letters from readers and regular readers` surveys 
  4. PRESENTATION: The incumbent`s presentations must, inter alia, reflect the ability to recall from memory all the information and knowledge relevant in establishing a firm and convincing foundation to boteh ers 
 800 Perception \ Visual Attention Skills
The functional competency or skill to pay attention to visual detail

1. Proven ability to apply one`s senses (vision/smell/taste/touch/hearing) or a combination of

senses to perceive or sense events/situations/ �happenings�in the world of art sensitively

1. Activities aimed at perceiving or sensing situations/events/activities/objects of art for what

they really mean/tell/reveal/convey to the observer within the context of art in general and the

mean/reveal/reflect/convey/tell within the scope of particular form of art in essence
900 Environmental Exposure \ General Knowledge

The functional competency or skill to expose oneself to a stimulating environment; to gather information from various sources; to accumulate knowledge of one�s environment; to acquire general knowledge skill-fully from the environment


1.1 Proven interest in various forms of art and artists, past and present

  1. Tertiary qualification in art & journalism, viz. B.A. (Languages & Communication
  2. EXCELLENCE ORIENTTATION: Reflecting ongoing interest in: (a) exposing oneself to a rwaindgee of sources of information, ie TV, radio, magazines, arhives, debates, discussions etc. (b) furthering one`s qualifications in relevant fields
  1. Historical and other relevant facts relating to various forms of art have to be gathered on a continual basis to establish a solid frame of reference for ongoing operational purposes in the field of art journalism
  2. EXCELLENCE ORIENTATION: Ongoing efforts to improve one`s knowledge in various fields aonf da ritn art in general, in order to improve the quality of one`s contribution in the broad field of journalism
1200 Socialization [Interpersonal Relations]
The competency to mix skill-fully with people; to be comfortable and competent among people
  1. Proven ability to socialize successfully with relevant groups and individuals
  1. Ongoing socialization with artists and their art as well as with people in related fields (such as movie and TV producers, publishers of novels etc) in order to be at all times 
 1300 Adaptability/Flexibility

The potential or capacity to adapt to and to accept change; opposing views; new ideas; to be imaginative and creative

  1. Proven ability to consider all views and to reflect acceptability on such views and ideas from various sources etc.
  2. EXCELLENCE ORIENTATION: Proven attempts to improve one`s personal contributions towards producing quality articles and reviews appreciated by the particular readers
  1. An open-minded approach to views and ideas from a large variety of sources is of the essence
  2. EXCELLENCE ORIENTATION: Constructive efforts towrite and prepare well-written subject- and audience-related articles and reviews


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